A Quick Q&A with Parysatis Peymani

Sonia Zmihi,

Parysatis Peymani is half french half Iranian fashion and beauty creative – kind of a Persian Jane Birkin. Graduated both from NEOMA Business School in luxury management and from L’Institut Français de la Mode in Image Strategy and Digital Communication, she earned her stripes at prestigious luxury brands such as Christian Dior Couture and Chanel. Parysatis makes a living helping brands find their voice and build communities through image curation, storytelling and social engagement. Now located in Dubai, she has become a  chic and strong opinion leader and a global ambassador for Middle Eastern sartorial flare. She is a master at the art of mixing and matching styles and cultures, bringing together the best of both worlds.

Peymani poses for a shot on her Instagram feed.

Q: How did you first get interested in fashion? 

A: Since forever. It’s a family thing… In fact, my great Persian aunt graduated from Esmod in Paris in the 70’s.

Q: What was your big break? 

A: It actually started when I was at Louis Vuitton working in finance for the communication department. This is when I realized that I preferred being closer to the product and its image.

Q: What is your definition of an Influencer?

A: Someone that proposes another vision of beauty, fashion, women and lifestyle in general. Someone that inspires change, because unfortunately our world really needs positive changes. People need to open their eyes, feel more… Be more sensitive to what’s surrounding us.

Q: Who inspires you?

A: Woman is my key to inspiration! I just think women are amazing. It all starts with mom who created and worked hard to have the life she wanted for herself and her family. I admire those Palestinian and Israeli women who walked together for peace. I’m inspired by the women designers who help us be more confident and beautiful like Phoebe Philo and Maria Grazia Chiuri.

Q: Who living or dead would you love to be able to have dinner with?

A: I would have a dinner with young Robert Hossein. The time he played Joffrey in Angelique Marquise des anges

Q: What is your favorite trip? 

A: Marrakech and Italy! But I recently discovered Oman and it’s a real Pearl one earth. The oasis are just wonderful! I Basically I love all the places that have beautiful colors and good food.

Q: When are you happiest?

A: When I feel comfortable with my body and mind. Growing up, I faced some problems with my weight but now I try to always remind myself: Love myself for who I am!

Q: What is the biggest challenge you are currently facing? 

A: Balancing between my private and my professional life!

It is easy to see why Peymani is referred to as the Persian Jane Birkin.

Q: What is your secret talent?

A: Don’t be fooled by the look… I run very fast!

Q: What emoji do you use the most?

A: The rocker hand symbol.

Q: What is your motto or the best piece of advice you ever got?

A: Yallah let’s do this! or No pain, no gain.

the writer

Sonia Zmihi

Graduated from Sciences Po Paris with a degree in Marketing, Sonia has now added budding fashion journalist to her work in the fields of marketing and communication. She spends her free time refreshing her Instagram feed looking for the funniest memes, building never ending wishlists on Net-a-porter and cooking exotic meals.

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